Edinburgh Castle is the most iconic site in the heart of the Scottish capital, known as the ‘Defender of the Nation’. It dominates the city skyline from its seat on Castle Rock, an extinct volcano, overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage Old and New Towns. It is an ancient site, with evidence of a fort here for almost 3000 years, and it has been a royal castle since at least King David I’s reign in the 12th century. The Scottish monarchs continued to use it as such until 1633, and even saw the birth of King James VI (and I of England) within its walls.

Edinburgh Castle is famous for being the most besieged castle in Britain, and has witnessed many dramatic moments over the centuries, including during the Wars of Independence and the Jacobite Rebellions. Today, it also plays host to the Royal Military Tattoo every year, a huge spectacle featuring military bands from all over the world, taking place on the Esplanade every night in August, with the Castle serving as the backdrop.

Please note that the tour starts at our meeting point, next St Giles’ Cathedral, and from there your professional local guide will lead you up the Royal Mile and into Edinburgh Castle itself.

Discover the fascinating history and stories of this incredible location with our expert local guides. After all, no trip to Scotland is complete without visiting its most famous fortress! Our Edinburgh Castle Tour includes your ticket, with skip-the-line entrance, and the tour finishes inside the castle, so you can continue to explore at your leisure afterwards.


  • Please be aware that Edinburgh Castle is open until 5pm, and your ticket is only valid on the day of purchase. You cannot leave and re-enter with the same ticket.
  • No bags or backpacks over 30L are permitted, for security reasons.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult in order to join the tour.
  • The Castle may close at short notice due to extreme weather conditions. In this case, customers may change their booking to another date or receive a refund.

Edinburgh Castle Walking Tour


Our tour takes place inside the iconic Edinburgh Castle with an expert local guide. Please understand that the Castle has restrictions on where tour groups can stand, so we cannot take you inside any of the buildings, and you must stay with the group. You will be able to explore these yourself after the tour is finished. Also, please note that each of our expert guides writes their own tour, so the content may vary slightly from what is listed here. Feel free to ask your guide any other questions you may have.

▪ Crown Square – The Great Hall, Royal Palace and Scottish National War Memorial

▪ The One O’Clock Gun and the huge Mons Meg Cannon

▪ The Scottish Wars of Independence

▪ The Stewart Royals and the Jacobite Uprisings

▪ The Argyle Battery and Half Moon Battery, where David’s Tower once stood

▪ St Margaret’s Chapel, the oldest building in Edinburgh

▪ The earliest fortress, the Celts and the Romans

▪ And much more in this must-see attraction!

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edinburgh castle tour

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This tour includes skip-the-line tickets & expert local guides, to show you this must-see attraction, with over 3000 years of history inside! Discover it all with us!

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