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Why should you choose a Free Tour of Edinburgh?

With our local tour guides, you will soon discover why Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the UK, after London, with more than 3 million tourists visiting each year.

Discovering the city with our local guides is undoubtedly one of the most interesting activities you can do. The Orange Free Tour offers you a selection of must-see tours, to explore the many different sides of Edinburgh in the best possible way.

For many people who have never participated in a Free Tour before, several doubts and questions may come up. You might question the quality of the guide or the tour itself, and if a Free Tour will provide the same value as a conventional tour.

To answer these questions, here at The Orange Free Tour, we are fully confident in our system. The secret lies in the essence of the free tour model itself. By joining one of our tours, you pay at the end instead of the start, and you are able to choose what you consider is an appropriate and fair amount, based on the experience provided by your tour guide. Because of this, you can go into the tour open-minded, without any expectation based on a price, and you are free to value the service from your personal experience. And, because the guide’s income depends on the final opinion of their guests, they will always make sure to give the tour to the best of their abilities, to ensure a good experience for all. Thanks to these two key factors, we ALWAYS trust that a high quality service is offered to our customers, and therefore, that they are always satisfied.

Why visit Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the Scottish capital and one of the most unique cities in the world. It is a place with a special charm, where time seems to have stopped, especially within the Old Town. This area is crossed by the Royal Mile as the main road, where “closes” lead perpendicular to it. These “closes” are narrow and winding alleys, illuminated by their emblematic lanterns, which serve as links between main streets.

The Old Town has witnessed countless stories and anecdotes taking place throughout its cobbled streets. The area contains several of the most important buildings in the city, including St Giles´ Cathedral, the Scottish Parliament (both the “old” and new one), The Hub, Tron Church, and of course, at either end of the Royal Mile you will find Holyrood Palace, and the famous Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh has several nicknames earned over the years. The most well-known is “Auld Reekie”, meaning “Old Smokey”, a term given due to the amount of chimneys. These were important, as Scottish winters are renowned to be long and cold! And although the vast majority of them are no longer in use, they still decorate a large number of the roofs of the Old Town. Another nickname is “The Athens of the North”, a term given because of the comparison of two brilliant cultural time periods, Ancient Greece and the 18th century Scottish Enlightenment. Or, you may know it as “The City of Festivals”, because of the large number of festivals held during the year. There are 12 major festivals each year, involving creative participants from 70 countries. These include the International Magic Festival, the International Science Festival, the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival, and the most famous ones, celebrated during August, the Festival Fringe, and the Edinburgh International Festival, which includes the Royal Military Tattoo.

Through our free tours, you will discover the many different sides of this multifaceted city.

On the Free Edinburgh Tour, we will take you on a walk through the history, politics, culture, and gastronomy of the city, and tell you some of its most interesting stories. We will show you some of the most famous sites in the city, and travel together to streets and buildings rich in memories, the places which have borne witness to important events in Scottish history, and have inspired some of the greatest periods of Scottish culture.

One of the biggest achievements to come from this inspirational city, is the best-selling book series of all time: Harry Potter. Edinburgh is considered the birthplace of the Boy Wizard, and on our Free Harry Potter Tour, we will take you to the real locations where J. K. Rowling found inspiration for this magical world. Discover the school that inspired Hogwarts, the real Diagon Alley, the grave of Lord Voldemort, and the most famous cafe in the city, where she wrote the earliest chapters!

And when night falls, the mystical and macabre side to these streets becomes apparent, as Edinburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the world. Famous for its paranormal activity, Edinburgh is a place of pilgrimage for this pseudoscience, where the line between reality and the supernatural runs thin. Dark alleys, spooky cemeteries, bodysnatchers, murder, witchcraft, and many other stories feature on our Free Ghost Tour. Do you dare?

During all our Free Tours you will not only get to hear the fascinating stories from our guides, but you will also receive countless tips and recommendations for the rest of your time in Edinburgh. From information about the great cultural activities on offer, thanks to an extensive collection of (mostly free!) museums and art galleries, to recommendations for restaurants and pubs, where you can enjoy traditional Scottish food & drink, and any other places of interest!

Our guides are always at your disposal to help you enjoy your stay in the city, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. Part of our job is to help you to make the most of your visit to Edinburgh!

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